Technical Assistance. Impact Evaluation of the “Education Spaces and Quality of Learning” Programme
Panama. Interamerican Development Bank (IADB)

The Programme “Education spaces and Quality of Learning” has been designed to tackle the lack of quality affecting the education sector in Panama, especially in some remote areas which are less favored in terms of educational infrastructure and resources.
The impact evaluation of the programme had to be performed in order to measure the results and eventually take corrective actions.
The implementation of the field work was needed. It is about a quasi-experimental field study which must allow evaluating the impact of materials and inputs as well as the capacities and skills of teachers in component 2 of the programme (Improvement of learning in language and Mathematics in primary education in levels 1, 2and 3).
Collection of information is developed previously to the implementation of the field work in order to have a baseline allowing further comparison in two years time after the beginning of the implementation.

The services provided have been:

•Design of field work tools: questionnaires and assessment elements
•Gathering information including preparatory actions and monitoring of collection: interviews, focus groups...
•Information analysis

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