Project Evolution Infoplazas 2.0: acquisition and installation of software, including training and capacity building activities.
Panama. SENACYT National Secretariat for Sciences, Technology and Innovation of Panama

The Project ‘Infoplazas’ is conceived as a network of community centres that facilitate the access to information through internet and information in multimedia format. These are centres for public internet access equipped with computers situated in rural and suburban areas. Currently, Panama disposes of 200 Infoplazas on national territory that sum up more than 700 public internet access points.
Infoplazas is a fully consolidated programme in the Republic of Panama. However, in order to improve this network progress is needed to evolve the management model and to specifically strengthen digital training activities that can be developed in these centres.
Quantitative results of the Project Infoplazas 2.0:
• Creation of 2 territorial reference centres Infoplazas 2.0
• Organisation of at least 10.000 hours of digital skills development for the general public
• Digital literacy of at least 5.000 persons
• Organisation of 10 training activities for the transfer of knowledge addressed at administrators of the existing Infoplazas
• Transfer of knowledge and technologies to 150 operational Infoplazas

Services provided:

• Creation and management of Infoplazas 2.0- Centres of territorial reference
- Infrastructure and equipment of each of the centres
- Activities of digital capacity building addressed at the general public
• Transfer of knowledge and technology
- Implantation of a management and evaluation platform
- Technical support during the transfer process
- Training of the administrators of Infoplazas
- Support tools for the transfer
• Fundraising
- Alert system containing relevant information about grants
- Elaboration of the initial project.
- Partner search
- Processing of the application and support in the administrative preparations
- Monitoring

Rural Development
Information Society