Unified Programme of Sustainable Development in the drinking water sector. Technical Assistance for Management and Protection of Water Treatment Sources in Bocas del Toro and Chiriqui Provinces
Panama. InterAmerican Development Bank (IADB)

The Government of Panama, through the National Council for Sustainable Development (CONADES) elaborated the Unified Programme for Sustainable Development in the Drinking Water Sector”, financed by the Inter American Development Bank (IADB). The objective of the programme was to improve the situation and quality of life of the inhabitants of urban and rural areas located in the internal provinces of the country. For this purpose, the quality and extension of the services of sanitation and drinking water should be ensured, including the management of solid waste and the protection of water sources for human consumption.

The objective of the services was supporting the management and protection of water recharge areas and critical areas fed by David River which supply the Algarrobos water treatment plant in Chiriquí; and those areas fed by the Western River and La Quebrada Sorón, which supply the Almirante y Guabito water treatment plant in Bocas del Toro. The objectives would be achieved through the following actions:

- Improvement the access to efficient and safe drinking water services in the provinces
- Contribution to the adequate protection and use of water resources
- Strengthening the local management capacity of the involved institutions in the provision of services

Services provided covered several activities:

- Identification, definition and characterization of the water reloading areas
- Environmental education and institutional building so as to facilitate the active participation of the population in managing and protecting the river basin
- Establishing agro-forestry systems and processes in the water reloading areas and other critical areas
- Use of technologies for treatment of agricultural organic waste produced by farming activities

Rural Development