Provision of capacity building in the field of tourism to companies and other non-public actors in three indigenous areas of Panama
Panama. Inter American Development Bank (IADB)

The project “Support to indigenous tourism initiatives in Panama” aims at identifying and financing tourism actions at feasibility or prefeasibility level which will be implemented afterwards by organizations, companies and communities of the three most important indigenous communities in Panama.
The project is in line with the IADB objectives in Panama for sustainable development and growth. The IADB has indicated, as primary objective, the inclusion of the rural sector, indigenous population and women through their participation in the economic and productive process and through the promotion of new economic activities.

The following activities are implemented:

- Assessment and identification of needs in terms of capacities, abilities and skills among the main stakeholders in the three selected areas
- Integration in the capacity building programme of the needs identified in terms of skills and abilities, defining along with the authorities involved in the three areas the potential beneficiaries, companies, organisations... to participate in the capacity training process.
- Elaboration and execution of a capacity building programme in the field of tourism and other related issues identified as drivers for contributing to better capacities, skills and abilities of the beneficiaries, enabling them to provide tourism services in their respective areas.
- Implementation of the programme through a wide range of activities
- Monitoring and reporting of the project activities to the client

Rural Development
Education and Employment