Creation and management of the National Network for Rural Development of Romania (RNDR)
Romania. European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development (EARDF)

The National Network for Rural Development aims at enlisting the energy of all actors in the rural development process, promoting an effective flow of information, exchange of ideas and good practices, and ensuring cooperation among rural stakeholders. The network puts together rural organizations and institutions who are fully involved in the sector.

Through the Network, the Government of Romania will:
- Create an agricultural and forest economy based on developing farms
- Improve quality of life and economic development in rural areas
- Improve the capacity of local authorities to draft and implement local development strategies

For this purpose, a number of activities are carried out:

- Elaboration of the annual Action Plan for Rural Development, to be implemented by the National Managing Authority
- General administrative and financial management of the network
- Consulting services in the field of public relations and promotion
- Monitoring and control of activities
- Supporting the Government in order to fulfill the objectives of the European Union in the area of Rural Development
- Organization of conferences, workshops, training services, national meetings and steering meetings, among public employees of the Ministry and private organizations involved in the National Rural Development Programme
- Implementation of the National Rural Development Programme of Romania, approved by the European Union and including the setup and management of 8 regional offices

Rural Development