Knowledge Society and Digital Literacy Services

Today knowledge is a central source of competitiveness and development, and new information and communication technologies must be mainstreamed in all policies. They facilitate access to education and cultural resources for all population and contribute to overcome the digital divide.

IDEL has an active role in the field of the knowledge society and the application of technologies focused on social needs, providing research and consultancy services at international scale. It is worth pointing out the implementation by IDEL of public internet access points in community centers, strengthening the relationships between public authorities and local communities.

In the field of Knowledge Society and Digital Literacy, IDEL’s services cover mainly the following areas:

  • Provision of Public Internet Access Points
  • ICT skills for adults
  • e-government technologies to enable more active citizenship and participation
  • Analysis of the extent and suitability of existing digital literacy strategies
  • Elaboration of ICT learning materials
  • Development of institutional thinking on Digital Literacy through toolkits, manuals and guidelines.
  • ICT for Vocational Education and Training


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