Flexible organizational structure

IDEL’s organizational divisions are designed to cover the whole international project cycle, from expressions of interest and bidding, to project implementation and administration. The flexibility of this structure and solid backstop guarantee the proper allocation of IDEL’s resources and experts, which is undoubtedly critical at the implementation stage.

IDEL’s coordinated resources

Despite the geographical expansion of IDEL’s premises during the last years, the resources of the company (in terms of experience, references, experts and local support) are coordinated according to the needs of each assignment. For this purpose, integrated management structures and joint databases have been put in place. Coordination enables clients to take advantage of all IDEL’s resources, regardless of their location. 

Specialized Staff

IDEL’s staff has a significant qualification in the fields of specialization of the company, and ensures that services are always provided in a reliable and professional way. Today, the company is made up of more than 100 employees and permanent consultants and relies additionally on external experts carefully selected for each assignment on a freelance basis. Teams comprise several specialists, both long and short term, recruited through our extensive network of expert associates and contacts. The project management and logistical and technical support provided by our headquarters and local offices make possible the rapid and effective mobilization of these resources. IDEL cares about its employees’ professional progress, and invests in its personnel through regular in-house training courses.

Besides, the company guarantees a sound financial situation to address the most demanding international projects.